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Training Package

Wholistic Mentoring

This unique AQA accredited mentoring training course aims to enable the holistic development of mentors. The course consists of 8 sessions that are interactive, thought provoking and challenging which will enable you to reflect on, and develop your mentoring skills.

This course will enable you to:

  • Understand: The purpose potential and power of wholisic person centred mentoring · Your own personality and learning type and how this impacts on your life and your mentoring practice

  • Develop the ability to: · To take mentees through a journey of discovering their personalities, learning styles, strengths and weaknesses and how to succeed through self-discovery

  • Develop knowledge of: · key theories and how these relate to mentoring practice · Practical elements of mentoring such as safe guarding and risk management

£ 80
Per person, per session

Group discount is available for 10 or more people

Schools Package 1

Group Mentoring

This Group mentoring package aims to develop individuals as team players and create an environment for healthy conversation and debate. We deliver a number of sessions around specialist areas some of which include.

  • Communication, triggers & conflict
  • Self awareness
  • Gang culture
  • Leaving a legacy and more...
  • Trained Spark2life practitioners deliver group sessions

  • Various topics

  • Primary & Secondary Schools

£ 195
Starting price

Prices may vary, this price is for a group session

School Package 2

One to One Mentoring

This one to one mentoring is designed to .....

  • To provide thoughtful and skilled support and guidance.

  • To provide an opportunity to develop their cognitive thinking skills.

  • To help the young persons emotions work together with their reasons and intelligence.

  • To provide an opportunity to look at future goals & aspirations.

£ 75
Starting price per session

Please note that the group and 1-2-1 mentoring prices are London specific.