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Newham YOT

Our work in Newham began in January 2018 on a 4 month contract, initially working with clients who have been deemed habitual knife carriers, our engagement with clients was very successful, which resulted in a contract extension by Newham YOT we are now working with young people who are at high risk of custody and without intervention will end up in prison.

The young people we work with have either been involved in a gang or some level of serious crime around gang culture. Our goal is to help disengaged young people who are seen as prolific offenders. Spark2Life’s unique holistic mentoring seeks to journey with our clients so that there is hopefully a paradigm shift that enables the young person to make emotionally intelligent decisions. 

We provide them with ETE opportunities helping reengage them with a positive lifestyle and de-glamourising a life of criminal activity throughout the process. Our staff have engaged with young people in PRU’s and schools, running assemblies and mentoring sessions. We have employed a strategy of both prevention and intervention in Newham.