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Waltham Forest Outreach

Clients are given the opportunity to interact with Spark2Life workers whilst they are on the streets and find an exit strategy from the gangs’ lifestyle they may be involved in. Our Outreach workers, specifically obtain referrals from Bronze, Pupil Referral Units and the police, however both Outreach and Detached workers can accept clients who refer themselves.

We are in touch with the immediate issues that our clients face and are readily able to intervene early to divert people away from gang activity and to manage street conflict.
We use their skillset to engage with the young adults (aged 18-24 years old) and offer them a holistic support package across following areas:

  • Benefits  
  • Mentoring   
  • Housing   
  • Education, Employment or Training   
  • Advocacy (on behalf of the client)   
  • Mediation/Conflict Resolution

We are keen to increase the number of young gang affiliated people accessing support services and thus reduce the levels of conflict amongst the young people. We will mediate in conflict situations to reduce tensions and defuse conflict; this will result in the wider community feeling safer.