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Painting & Decorating

"The team always encouraged me, they never judged me about my past, they only focused on telling me about my future"

Our Painting and Decorating enterprise is able to provide opportunities of paid work for the clients we work with thus giving them the employment history and work experience they need to progress. This project allows us to continue mentoring the offender, as well as enable them to develop in the areas they would need for the world of work.  In addition to the technical skills they gain as a painter and decorator, our client group can also gain a transferable skill set that they can take to any other job,.

There is a chance for our long term clients to enrol on a painting and decorating college courses, as well as other construction courses. For many of our workers, this will be the one of few opportunities available to our client group for them to get work experience and references that are credible and can be put down on their CVs.

This initiative acts a stepping stone for clients who are keen to move away from a life of a criminality on to something more positive.